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Präsentierte Poster beim DGDR-KRUPP Foundation Symposium 2022: DNA Repair and Human Disease 

"Synthetic DNA modifications reveal the mechanisms of repair and mutagenicity"pdf, 1 mb
Andriy Khobta

"Repair and DNA strand-specific transcriptional toxicity of cis-syncyclobutaneTT dimers in an active gene"pdf, 562 kb
Mohammed Meabed, Nataliya Kitsera, Leen Sarmini, and Andriy Khobta

"Nucleotide excision repair of oxidatively induced DNA damage"pdf, 793 kb
Leen Sarmini, Mohammed Meabed, and Andriy Khobta

"Assessment of Nucleotide Excision Repair of 8-Oxoguanine by a New Transcriptional Mutagenesis Assay"pdf, 1 mb
Stefanie Hoppe, Leen Sarmini, Daria Kim, Andriy Khobta